Our Story

We started our design career in 1999-2001 as students of IVS (Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture), a renowned school for design and architecture in Pakistan. After 5 years of design and communication focused studies, we found ourselves working together at an award winning practice in Pakistan: TAQ Associates. From there began our journey of learning the craft of architecture.

After working 2 years in Pakistan, we moved to Australia a year apart and explored the architectural landscape in Sydney. We both gathered 2 years of local experience before embarking on the Master’s program from University of Sydney in 2011. While working together on projects through the semesters, we often discussed the idea of starting our practice someday. Following our graduation in 2013, we found ourselves lost in the corporate world.

After almost a decade of experience in design and architecture, we decided to bring into reality the dream of our own firm. Zainzeh is a collaboration of two friends with proven design & construction knowledge across a wide range of client groups.


Adding to our diversity, we are collaborating with a leading architectural firm in Pakistan; TAQ Associates Architecture & Interior Design Pvt. (ltd.) founded in 1990. The CEO Tariq Alexander Qaiser is a lifetime member of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. He is also a member of the Institute of Architects Pakistan and a founding member of the Pakistan Institute of Interior Design. TAQ is the recipient of “Excellence in Architecture” award in 2009 for Architectural Interiors, awarded by the Institute of Architects Pakistan. His works have been profiled and published in architectural journals, and other media. He has presented and discussed his projects in various educational institutions, seminars and conferences.

We are very excited for this collaboration and look forward to bring in cultural and design diversity into our projects.