What Can We Offer

Feasibility Studies

If you have a property and are looking for the best economic/ environmental/ social return on it, we can prepare feasibility studies and provide you with the most suitable solutions for your property to choose from.

Concept Design

If you need a concept design for your project to develop a vision for it before detailed drawings are progressed into, we can prepare well-presented, clear and visually attractive concept design presentations which can help our clients to market a project before it is documented in detail. This is particularly useful for our clients who are developers and need their project presented as concepts for marketing use.

DA Plans

We can prepare architectural drawings for submission to Council for DA applications for your project. We can also coordinate the approval process and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly for our clients.

Liaising with council & authorities

Although there are some projects that can be undertaken without any approvals (under Exempt Policies) a majority of projects need approvals from either the local Council or a Private Certifier. We have years of experience with dealing with various local Councils and PCAs across Australia and are well versed in obtaining approvals with effective and open communication with them.

Drafting & Documentation

Sometimes a client needs some intelligent drafting assistance to a pre-designed or thought out concept. We are here to assist in these situations by providing drafting and documentation but with resolved and workable proposals to ensure your concept or sketch remains good for approval and/or building.

Marketing Drawings

As a developer or person wanting to make a sale of your property to prospective clients, you can engage us to design and provide marketing drawings for your project to attract potential buyers. These drawings provide an instant visual understanding to the buyer of what is on offer and are quite a useful tool to our clients.

Interior Design

Whether you are looking for a dynamic interior fitout design for your retail or residential project or a simple yet elegant approach for your project that meets your budget, we can design and document the interior of a space to suit your needs. We are well-versed with developing initial concept ideas with our clients, and work to develop ideas our clients choose from. This is presented to our clients as a story board or mood board to give them visual cues to envision the future look of their space.

Consultant Coordination

Any architectural documentation needs to be coordinated with various consultants’ drawings to achieve a workable, cohesive project. We are able to assist and recommend reliable consultants to our clients or work with our client’s nominated consultants towards a successful project. We will ensure that the architectural drawings and external consultants’ documentation are fully coordinated to deliver a quality project to our clients.

High end 3D Modelling and Rendering

Our 3D Modelling and Rendering team can provide a photorealistic view of your design to add a wow-factor to the project. This can be for your own better understanding of the end result of the design or serve as a visual tool to present the design to a general audience for large-scale projects.

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